Perpetual Plan B

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Weird Medical Fact Of The Day:

(I hope you're not eating right now. If so, you may want to read this later.)

Did you know that:

If you get a sinus infection and it gets bad enough, the mucous will start to come out of your EYES?

It's true. It happened to Austin, who will not allow me to post a photo as evidence.

I thought he had a cold, along with pinkeye. I was very relieved to find out from the doctor that it was "only" a sinus infection and that I wasn't going to have to wash virtually everything in my house.


Tennille said...

That takes gross to a whole new thank you.

Linda said...

I'm actually glad you posted this. Eric had something a month or so ago where he had stuff coming out his eyes and I thought it was pinkeye and called the dr. and they just called the pharmacy. Then not to long later he got it again. I took him in and got antibiotics for sinus infection. Now it makes sense.