Perpetual Plan B

Friday, September 17, 2010

Favorite Photo Friday!

Where's Waldo?

See if you can pick me out in this photo. Click on it to make it bigger if you need to.

This is from a family reunion in the late 70s, with all the relatives on my dad's side. (Except for my brother Russ, who I can only guess must have been the one taking the photo. That's the only explanation I can think of for him not being in it. He would have been too young to be doing anything else important.)

I found this photo a while ago and was always going to post it here, but just didn't get around to it. It is photographic proof that I have always had the same personality, even when I was a kid.

(Yep, that's me. Far right, second from the bottom. The one with the attitude.)


Lacey said...

I picked you out immediately! :) What an awesome picture for you to be able to share with your posterity. I really like it! ;)

Linda said...

That is too funny especially because I read your next post first. :)
Is that Joleen next to you?