Perpetual Plan B

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Morgan is in the middle of summer Driver's Ed. at the school. It has been a little nerve wracking.

I was under the mistaken impression that all kids were like I was and had "borrowed" their parents' - or someone else's - vehicle to practice on by this time. (I did already tell that story, didn't I? It's not pretty. My parents' neighbor still hasn't forgiven me and that was 30 years ago.)

Who knew I would be blessed with such an obedient child? I was literally shocked the first time we went out driving and I realized that she really didn't know what to do because she had never done it before.

We've gone out a few times now and today was the first time on the highway. Even though I'm not Catholic there were a couple of times I almost said a Hail Mary under my breath and crossed myself. I wish we still had our old Blazer back so she could learn in that and have it for her car. It's big enough to keep her safe in case someone else runs into her, which is my biggest fear. She's a good kid and I know she'll be a safe, conscientious driver.

It's just hard watching her learn in MY car.


The Gathering Place said...

That brings back memories of learning with my own kids. White knuckles were my give-away. I also gripped the door. My kids hated driving with me. Good luck!

Linda said...

My Mom use to "cross" herself every time I left the house after I got my license... That is actually a very funny memory you just gave me. She would be standing in the garage door crossing herself with a big grin on her face.. lol. We are NOT Catholic either... as you know :)