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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Our Fitness Plan

We've had a fitness plan in place for a while now. It actually kills two birds with one stone.

Whenever anyone says the word "crap" - which I think is a pretty ugly word, they have to run around the house three times. Ally seems to be the biggest perpetrator these days, which works out just fine because she seems the most inclined to sit around and watch t.v. or spend time on the computer. I won't tell you who is the second biggest offender. I have enough stress in my life right now without having to worry about what people think of my language.

At one of Ally's recent soccer games she said the offending word twice. To soften the blow of the punishment I offered to run with her. We took off pretty fast. She had a head start so I raced at full speed to catch up with her.

This seemed like a good idea until we raced around the house and ran right into our neighbor, who was standing out front waiting for Hal to get something. I, feeling like I needed to explain what we were doing, started into the whole explanation. Halfway through, it didn't seem like such a great idea. I then muttered something like, "Never mind." and then ran into the back yard again.

I let Ally off the hook for the rest of the laps.
(I may be owing a few more.)

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Katie said...

Holly - I am out of town, but wanted to send you a quick message. The lady didn't even ask for a reference and just handed me the keys - so don't worry about it! Thank you for being so willing!

Mrs. D is a FABULOUS teacher! I think you will be very happy!

Let's talk soon!