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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ok, Here Goes: A Random Story

Well, let's just jump into this:

Why I need to lock the car while I am driving
After my shoulder surgery, I was on pain meds for a week or so. Morgan and Ally were taking piano lessons from Haley Johnson Judd and they were relatively expensive. Hal was supposed to drop them off at piano and my mom said she would pick them up. (For some reason I can only remember Morgan going that day. Not quite sure. Must be the drugs.)

Anyway, when it was almost time for Hal to take Morgan I called him to make sure he remembered. He was actually somewhere pretty far away (maybe Brigham City?). Since I didn't want Morgan to miss her lesson, I decided to try and drive her myself. I hadn't taken any pain meds since 5:30 a.m. and it was around 9:00 a.m., so, in my drug induced state, I was pretty sure I could take her myself.

We got in the car, and things seemed to be fine until we made it to 3200 South. They were doing road construction so we had to stop. Then the guy came over to see which way I was going. That would have been fine, except the window on the Blazer was broken so I couldn't roll it down. I had to open the door to talk to him. That was embarrassing enough, but when I leaned out the door to tell him, I leaned a little too far and had a hard time sitting back up. I'm pretty sure he must have thought I was drunk!

Anyway, we went on our way and all was well, or so I thought, until it came time to turn left onto Haley's street. I stopped and opened my door. And then I sat there waiting. Morgan asked, "What are you doing, Mom?" I answered, "Turning left." Finally she suggested I shut the door and turn on the blinker. (I don't really think there were any other cars on the road at the time that I needed to wait for so I could turn.)

Well, we finally made it the rest of the way to Haley's house without incident. I also remember wondering if I was even capable of making it home. Since my mom was coming to pick Morgan up and take her home I knew I might as well just do my best and get home as soon as possible. I tried to concentrate very hard and, as far as I know, I did better on the way home. Whew! I decided then and there, no more pain meds for me!

That would be the end of my story except for the fact that a week later I was driving to Openshaw's house and, once again, when it came time to turn left, I opened my door and just sat there patiently waiting. I would probably be there still if Morgan hadn't been with me again, gently reminding me "Mom, shut the door and turn on the blinker!"

So kids, when people tell you not to do drugs, now you know why!

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