Perpetual Plan B

Thursday, June 10, 2010

There Is A Light....

at the end

of the tunnel.

(I think.)

The carpet that was scheduled for May 24th,

and then June 4th,

and then the 8th

is on a truck

headed to Utah.

(So they say.)


we are scheduled for carpet to be installed

on Friday

and Saturday.


we can move in.


life can move on.

(I hope.)

p.s. living in limbo is not fun.


Katie said...

YAY!!! I hope it goes well. Mine goes in next Friday (the 18th) and then I move.

I loved your post about expectations. I am working to get use to my expectations on my new place (and adjust to the blue kitchen counter!)

Once we both get moved in, lets get together!

dreamofjean said...

I'm letting out a sigh of relief for you:). As long as it's on the truck that's a move in the right direction.
Hope it goes well from here on out!
With you too Katie!