Perpetual Plan B

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Austin Does Not Have A Poor Self Image

I was driving down the street with Austin the other day and we drove past a really nice house that was for sale.  Austin said he liked it.  I asked him if he liked that style of house, and explained that the style was called Lodge.

We then went on to talk about the different house styles:   Colonial,  Coastal, Craftsman Bungalow, etc. and the styles I like best.    I told him I didn't care what style if house he lives in when he grows up, as long as he keeps it relatively clean and it has room for me (and Hal) to come visit him.

Then I asked him what style of house he wanted to live in when he grows up.

He answered, "Castle!  (Duh.)"

Of course, what a silly question.  At least I know he will have plenty of space for that all-important guest room.

And another incident, this one makes me smile every time I think of it, I can just picture him saying this:

He came home yesterday with a birthday party invitation from a girl.  I was surprised and asked if the whole class was invited, but he said no, just he and his friend, Peter.

When I RSVP'd, the mom said that her daughter wanted to invite Austin, but invited Peter too, because he was Austin's best friend.

Peter's mom called me to see if Austin was going, so Peter wouldn't be the only boy.  After we made arrangements to get them to the party together she told me that when Peter saw Austin with an invitation he was surprised because Jessie is his neighbor and he didn't know Austin knew her that well.  (Austin told me they bonded over throwing erasers back and forth between their desks and drawing faces on them.  So, they decided to be friends.)

When Peter asked "Are you invited to Jessie's party too?"  Austin replied, "Of course I am, I'm the coolest boy she knows!"

In Peter's defense, he is pretty cool too.  Austin just has the bigger ego.